Registration Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Should the government enforce a second lockdown or further restrictions, the current studio course will continue as an online live class for the enrolled student. Details & login information will be shared at that time. No course refund will be given.
  • All participating students must arrive 10 minutes early outside the venue main entrance in a single file line. Each enrolled student will be temperature tested with a digital thermometer
  • If a student displays a temperature of higher than 38C or 100.4F they will not be able to attend the class and must return home with parent/guardian.
  • No refund is granted for a missed class or high temperature reading
  • Students must wash hands before arriving to class or apply sanitisation on entering the dance premises

Why are we asking you to accept these terms?

In light of new GDPR regulations, we need to be clear about how and why we collect data. The following agreement will allow you to do the following:

Make bookings and payments

So that Bollywood Dance School UK can take and manage payment records

Share data

So Bollywood Dance School UK has access to Particpant’s name(or where the participant is below 18 yrs of age, the parent or natural guardian), your child’s name, and any other information they need to know

Stay connected

So Bollywood Dance School UK can contact you with information about the classes you attend

General Terms & Conditions

  1. The mentioned particpant (or where the participant is below 18 yrs of age, the parent or natural guardian) hereby confirms that the Participant has been advised by a competent medical examiner that he/she is medically, mentally and physically fit to participate in the Dance Classes/Shows/Events organised by Bollywood Dance School UK (BDS) and that he/she has no physical or mental conditions that may affect his/her ability to do so.
  2. It is expressly understood by the participant and/or the participant's parent/s and/or guardian, as the case may be, that it is not compulsory to participate in the Dance Classes/Shows/Events organised by Bollywood Dance School UK (BDS). The participant expressly confirms and states to BDS that he/she has voluntarily chosen to participate and/or perform out of his/her own freewill and not under any kind of pressure from BDS, its representatives, instructors or employees, or anyone whatsoever to do so.
  3. The Participant understands, acknowledges and accepts that participation in the Dance Classes/Shows/Events organized by BDS is a strenuous physical activity and may involve risk of accident, injury to the Participant's person or property or loss of life. In case of any accident, injury, loss of life or harm of any nature to any Participant or Participant's parent, guardian, relative or friend at or around the class or show venue the Participant expressly agrees and acknowledges that BDS shall not be responsible and/or liable for the loss, injury, loss, loss of life, harm or damage caused and the Participant shall further be liable to BDS for all loss and/or damage suffered by BDS and/or its representatives, instructors, employees, etc. virtue thereof.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, in the event of any injury or other medical conditions that the Participant may experience during any of the classes or shows, the Participant authorizes BDS to administer or procure the administration of medical treatment as deemed fit by qualified medical personnel if he/she is not able to act on his/her own behalf and agrees not to make any claim against BDS and/or such medical practitioners, whether for negligence and/or malpractice or otherwise.
  5. The Participant further agrees and acknowledges that he/she will be exclusively liable and responsible for all costs, expenses and claims resulting from such medical attention provided, and shall reimburse to BDS any sums expended by it in this regard. The Participant shall further indemnify BDS in respect of any claims, demands, losses or decrees, orders or awards that may be made against BDS and/or its representatives, instructors, employees, etc. in this regard.
  6. The Participant shall further indemnify BDS for all losses, damages and injury caused, resulting from or in any way attribute to any illness, accident, injury of any of the members of BDS occasioned by any act or omission of the Participant.
  7. BDS reserves the right to reject the participation of the Participant in any classes and/or shows for reasons of inability/behaviour endangering the safety/welfare of himself/herself and/or others. No refund will be made to the Participant on account of such rejection or the Participant's own inability to so participate therein.
  8. BDS's workshop, Classes and BDS's Summer Showcase/Winter Showcase will be covered by the media. Your enrollment for the workshop confirms that you have no objection to the same and will co-operate with BDS for all such publicity, television and media coverage.
  9. Video recording or photography of the dance/exercise routines is not permitted unless special written permission is obtained in advance from BDS management.
  10. BDS reserves the rights of admission and may refuse admission at BDS's discretion without providing any reason whatsoever.
  11. BDS holds the copyright for any exercise, dance, and choreography taught in class/shows. Any unauthorized duplication of the exercise, dance, choreography taught in class/shows, would result in penalty and immediate dismissal from the course, unless BDS grants prior permission in writing. 
  12. Class dates are subject to change, and we will inform you in advance of any changes. It is possible that catch up classes will be on a different day of the week and time. We reserve the right to make such changes to fulfill the requisite number of sessions, or alter the in-day class timings to meet the same objective.
  13. Participants will not be allowed to attend BDS classes until all the formalities i.e. filling of forms, photographs, full payment. Signing of documents etc. is completed.
  14. Class registration and enrolment is done on a strictly first come first serve basis. Registration includes accepting the terms and conditions on the registration form, this welcome letter and if participating in shows, all requisite show consent. Registration is confirmed only once a full payment is made for the course.
  15.  All advertised fees are for the course only. There will be no discount or refunds for participants who begin term after the first class, or refund for missing any classes for whichever circumstance. Credit notes or refunds are issued only for participants unable to complete the term due to medical reasons cases, this can be discussed with the management team. Please note, in the rare occurrence we issue a refund, that any refunds processed will incur an administration fee 10% of the original course cost along with a £12 charge for any class already attended.
  16.  Any applicable discount for our course fees can be withdrawn at any time. Any discounts are null and void should the participant/parent make a late payment (e.g. before the first class of term for sibling discount, and the passing date for any early bird discount).
  17. Participants are requested to be present for all the classes in the required dance gear. Classes missed will not be made up except those cancelled by BDS. Participants will be informed regarding the rescheduling of the classes at the class itself (which can be any other day)
  18. The duration of all kids classes will be forty five minutes only.
  19. The minimum requirement to sustain a class is 7 participants at the time of enrolment.
  20. Participants will not be promoted to the next level if they miss more than 3 classes in the entire term.
  21. BDS will not be responsible for any loss or theft of any valuables like mobile phones, jewellery etc. in class and/or at the performance event.
  22.  Any costumes and props will not be provided by BDS and are not included in the fee for the workshop. Participants/parents will have to arrange for their own costumes and props. BDS will neither provide nor be liable for the same.
  23. When you take part in a BDS Showcases, you make a commitment to being available for the full day from your arrival time. If you are unable to arrive on time, or need to leave immediately after the performance, BDS Management reserves the right to ask you not to perform at all, without any recourse on the course fee.
  24. In case of any natural calamity or an unforeseen event, BDS may not be in a position to inform all the participants regarding the cancellation of class/shows/any event conducted by BDS for that particular day/period of time. Participants are requested to call the local office and enquire about the same.
  25. The fee paid for the course is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  26. The above rules, dates, show timings etc. are all subject to change. You will be given prior notice for any such changes. BDS’s decision in all matters will be final and binding.


Your privacy

Data Protection Legislation means (i) the Data Protection Act 1998, until the effective date of its repeal (ii) the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (GDPR) and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, for so long as the GDPR is effective in the UK, and (iii) any successor legislation to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR, in particular the Data Protection Bill 2017-2019, once it becomes law.

Any personal information provided by you to us will be held and processed in accordance with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Legislation for the purposes of meeting the legitimate business interests of Bollywood Dance School UK and adhering to the rights of the individual. We will treat all your personal information as confidential. We will keep it on a secure server and we will fully comply with all applicable Data Protection Legislation.

The personal information we hold about you:-

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Contact details – email and phone number
    • Your child’s name
    • Other special information re: your child including any relevant health or medical information*
    • Emergency contacts - name and phone number

Personal data concerning health is a special category of personal data under GDPR. By accepting these Terms of Use you are providing BDS with explicit consent to processing any special category personal data provided by you to enable BDS to deliver the Classes. We will use your personal information only for the following purposes:

    • To administer the Platform and fulfill delivery of the Services
    • To communicate with you about BDS and the Classes
    • To provide you with BDS news and product changes
    • Send timely and relevant reminders
    • If you consent, to send you Marketing Messages

You agree that you do not object to us contacting you for any of the above purposes whether by phone, e-mail or post and you confirm that you do not and will not consider any of the above as being a breach of any of your rights under the Data Protection Legislation. You should be aware that if we are requested by the police or any other regulatory or government authority investigating suspected illegal activities to provide your personal information, we are entitled do so.

Collecting, holding and processing your personal information is necessary for the performance of these Terms of Use to which you, as a data subject, are party. We also collect, hold and process your personal information under the lawful basis for processing of legitimate interests i.e. the processing is necessary for our legitimate interests and running the BDS business or the legitimate interests of a third party unless there is a good reason to protect the your personal information which overrides those legitimate interests.

As required by law, we shall not retain any personal data for any longer than is necessary in light of the above purpose(s) for which that data is collected, held, and processed. We retain personal data on the Platform for a period of four years. The term is periodically reviewed and more detail is set out in our Data Retention Policy.

We also confirm that any personal information which you provide to us and any information, from which we can identify you, is held in accordance with the registration we have with the Information Commissioner's Office.


We would like to keep you up to date with new Classes and Events; relevant offers for products and services from selected third parties related to the Classes which you have registered for to date and suggestions of Classes and relevant products and services from selected third parties which we think might be of interest to you but which are not necessarily linked to Classes which you have registered for previously (Marketing Messages).

If you choose to opt-in below, whilst BDS will send you Marketing Messages we will not share your personal information with any other external third party. Your personal information will remain on the Platform under our control. If you choose not to receive Marketing Messages, BDS will be restricted from using your personal information to make personalised recommendations through the Platform. You may still see offers and information on the Platform, but the contents will not be personalised in any way and we cannot guarantee its relevance.

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